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2 posts in Product Futures Discussion Last posting was on 2003-04-14 13:10:17.0Z
Guy Bourdon Posted on 2003-04-13 16:03:29.0Z
From: "Guy Bourdon" <>
Subject: Certification
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 12:03:29 -0400
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Any when ASE 12.5 will be certified on Solaris 9

Bret Halford Posted on 2003-04-14 13:10:17.0Z
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Guy Bourdon wrote:
> Any when ASE 12.5 will be certified on Solaris 9

The certification test for it was due to complete about now, so it
either went well and 12.5 will be certified very soon, or it hit a
that will have to be addressed, in which case it would probably be a
more months, give or take.