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Problems with JDBC

2 posts in JDBC Connect (product renamed to JConnect) Last posting was on 1997-05-30 19:10:08.0Z
Torsoli Riccardo Posted on 1997-05-29 21:16:20.0Z
From: "Torsoli Riccardo" <>
Subject: Problems with JDBC
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Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 17:16:20 -0400
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I have this situation:
I have on client browser internet explorer 4.0
on the server side
Sybase SQLAnywhere 5.5 PRO
Net impact dynamo
web server IIS 2.0 Microsoft

I have started web server, i have started sademo database
I have download the applet on the browser, the sample gateway.htlm
thata is included with jconnect.
I see applet , but if I press button go, I receive an error IOException
connession refused.
How I must do to connect on sademo?
What I have forgotten???
The sample ask to me : server port userid pwd database
How can I set port number ???
I must start dbos50???
And SqlEdit ? sql.ini?
To finish , How can i do to connect only via JDBC to SYBASE SQLAnywhere???
Thank you very much in advance.
Sybase is great !!!!!!

Torsoli Riccardo
Via di casa nuova 1/c Londa (FI)
Firenze , 50060

Eric Giguere Posted on 1997-05-30 19:10:08.0Z
From: "Eric Giguere" <>
Subject: Re: Problems with JDBC
References: <01bc6c7d$83b63700$>
Organization: Sybase, Inc. (Waterloo)
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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 15:10:08 -0400
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Article PK: 252500

There is documentation that tells you what to do. Look under your
java\jconnect\docs directory, there's a postscript file and some .html
files with instructions. Basically you need to be running Open Server
Gateway on the web server so that it can connect to SQL Anywhere.