the applet loads quickly in both the host and client browsers however the
sql execution is much too slow...approx 1 minute. (sql results are
immediate in wisql).

running jConnect 2.1 trial edition on nt4.0 running ms web server and
accessing sybase system 10 on a separate nt server

browser on webserver is ie 3.0
client browser on win95 is ie 3.2 & netscape 3

created web alias of /jdbchome = c:\program files\sybase\jconnect

index.html contains:
<A HREF="/jdbchome/sample/gateway.html">Run a <B> Sample JDBC Applet

gateway.html contains:
<applet code=Isql.class codebase=/jdbchome/classes width=750 height=400>

<param name=proxy value="">
<param name=host value="valid ip address">
<param name=debug value="ALL">
<param name=port value="5000">
<param name=usedb value="valid dbname">
<param name=uid value="valid id">
<param name=pass value="valid password">
<param name=query value="select name from sysobjects where type='u' order
by 1">

another problem i encounter is if i change the proxy value from actual ip
address of web server to :
<param name=proxy value="localhost:8000">
i receive an error of: Unexpected Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

ideas/thoughts please...