I have recently started receiving Error 832 when attempting to create a new
index on a table already containing more than about 200,000 rows. If the
indexes are created, and then, data added everything works smoothly. Can
someone tell me where I can find more information about this error? It is
not listed in Sybooks, and I haven't been able to find it in the technical
documents online. Perhaps there is an "sp_configure" adjustment that I
need to make.

Error text: Error: 832, Severity: 20, State: 1 Unable to place buffer
xxxxxxx holding logical page xxxxx in sdes for object 'tmp_tablename' -
there is no room in sdes aux keep pool.

Platform: System 11 11.03.
NT 4.0 Server.
Dual 200mhz Pentium pro.
196 Mb ram.
100 Mb ram to System 11.

Larry Stavinoha