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Visual Basic RDO Updates

2 posts in Windows NT Last posting was on 1998-02-11 14:43:09.0Z
USDA Posted on 1998-02-10 13:43:53.0Z
From: "USDA" <Daniel.Beseris@USDA.GOV>
Subject: Visual Basic RDO Updates
Organization: FSIS
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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:43:53 -0500
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I can not get any type of update operation to complete successfully using
I always get the following message:
"This property or method is not supported when using the currently selected
cursor library."
My retrievals work fine. I have tried all the various cursor library
options in my connection and openresultset statements, such as
rdOpenKeyset,rduseODBC, etc.
My connection object has the "read only" option set to false.
I have tried the rdoQuery method, and the "rdoResultset.EDIT",
"rdoResultset.UPDATE" methods with no success.

I am accessing Sybase System 11 ver. 11.0.3. with Visual Basic 5.0
Enterprise edition. I have the latest ODBC drivers.

Dan Beseris

Kevin Campbell Posted on 1998-02-11 14:43:09.0Z
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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 06:43:09 -0800
From: Kevin Campbell <>
Organization: Ad Rem, Inc.
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To: USDA <Daniel.Beseris@USDA.GOV>
Subject: Re: Visual Basic RDO Updates
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I can't shed much light on what you are trying, but I'll try. I use rdo
extensively but only ever as a conduit to the server, and as such all my
updates are performed by building an SQL statement to call a proc on the

The ODBC driver supplied does not support all of the ODBC functions that
VB would like to use - notably it does not support the use of parameter
collections for executing procs.

From my days using Access :- have you ensured that the table you are
attempting an update to has a primary key defined? I suspect this is an
ODBC capability issue - perhaps you could try the following approach

MyServer.Execute("update MyTable set Col1 = 'MyValue' where ID=3")

where MyServer is an rdoConnection object.

Kevin Campbell
Ad Rem, Inc.
Sybase CAP