I have been struggling with Sybase representatives over the issue of
Sybase licensing for more than half a year now - all with no avail.
For more than 5 years, the market has moved into multi-core, multi-
container environment - consolidating everything, maximizing resource
usage, moving from single-core to multi-core servers. Somehow, Sybase
seems to lag behind all its competitors in the field and obstinately
refuses to recognize the market change.

Has anyone tried to convince Sybase or its local representatives that
capped Solaris Containers are as valid for licensing as DSD? We are
trying to consolidate our Sybase environment onto a pair of strong
servers, partitioned using Solaris 10 Containers semantics and get
stuck because Sybase refuses to recognize containers as hard
partitioning. Oracle recognizes it - see e.g. https://www.sun.com/offers/docs/820-7195.pdf
and http://www.oracle.com/corporate/press/2005_dec/multicoreupdate_dec2005.html.
Microsoft recognizes it (vm) - see e.g.
Sybase - teases its customers that the option exists, but that we
cannot use it in Production Environment - see e.g.
and http://www.sybase.com/files/Legal_Docs/ASE-v15.0.x-All-Editions-PSLT.pdf.

Does anybody else have the same set of issues that I do? I will be
very glad to collect customer stories from as many customers as
possible and approach Sybase with a request to change the licensing
policy as soon as possible. I keep my company running on Sybase for
more than a decade, and at late it becomes more and more difficult to
convince the enterprise as to the advantages of running Sybase - and
no MSSQL, for example. Pricing is the issue. Performance too.

If anyone is willing to join me - will appreciate.

Andrew M.