I am trying to re-setup an SQL Anywhere connection after the server has
been erased. The data seems to be intact and I have tried to setup the
database as I thought that it should and by reading some tech support info.
My problem is that I cannot log into the server from the client computers.
The client software loads okay, the server SEEMS to have the software
loaded ok and is sitting on the window with the userid, states,
lastrequest, etc. Unfortunately, I am no where near an expert on ODBC
connections nor am I an SQL person. Any help would be greatly
appreciated!! The actual error message that I get is "Unable to connect."
and the window title is "Database connection error"

The client window seems to pop up and load all the protocol settings ok. It
picks an IP address and starts everything fine, as it seems. Although,
still no connect. Right now, I have the company down so I need help asap.

Thank you very much!!