Borland is preparing Update 3 for Delphi 8.,1410,32873,00.html

As explained in the Borland article, this update will break DCU compatibility.
This means you will need new assemblies from us (or you could go through
the trouble of rebuilding the dpk files, but that's a pain, plus I think
we didn't ship one file you would need to rebuild them).

Our ADAC (Delphi drivers) installation will be updated in January to include
the assemblies that will make our TDataSet descendant components for Delphi
8 work with Delphi8 update #3. If you need the updated assemblies earlier,
feel free to contact and we will e-mail the
updated files to you for manual installation.

In the future, we will not support older versions of Delphi8. We will only
support Delphi8 update pack #3 and greater. We will leave the old adac.exe
installation on the web for some time, however, so if for some reason you
don't want to use update #3 you can still use our components.

J.D. Mullin
Advantage R&D