I asked this question last week in comp.databases.sybase, but I didn't
get a answer so far, so I try it here
I've a question about Commit Behavior when using ODBC to access a Sybase
ASE Server.
SQL_CB_CLOSE(Cursors are closed, can call SQLExecute without SQLPrepare
again for prepared statements). After SQLEndTran(...,SQL_COMMIT) the
next SQLFetch returns "Function sequence Error", so I can't for example
Commit some INSERTs or DELETEs in a SQLFetch-Loop

Is there any solution to preserve Cursors on Commit with Sybase ODBC
for MS-SQL-Server or option /a with cpre(Embedded SQL)?

Server is Sybase ASE (SWR 9271 ESD 3))
ODBC: Sybase ASE ODBC Driver
Operating System NT4.0 SP6a

Any hints?