A new version of PBL Peeper is out. You can either look at the release
notes either on the site
or below.

First thing you'll notice about the site is the ads. I'm hoping that
by giving people an opportunity to support PBL Peeper and the site
through the ads, the costs will become subsidized, that their lives
will be prolonged.

For those watching the Changes to PowerBuilder section, the additions
to 9.0.1 have been added. If you haven't been to the Futures page (in
the Changes section) since August, there's lots of new stuff up there
from TechWave.


new PB builds for PP7, PP8, PP9

New Features

* Command line parameters for target and workspace files

* XP style interface support for PP9

* Wrap text option for script/portion display (Browse page, Trace

* Copy Contents on Browse page context menu

* Script processor to synchronize datawindow data sets to the


* Find has new option to count occurrences of each search target

* Browse page shows XML and PDF icons for datawindow portions in PP9

* General performance enhancements

* PBL selection standardized between PBLs page and App Compare page

* PBL selection text interface accepts selection of target and
workspace files

* PBL selection drag and drop accepts target and workspace files

* Copy Prototype on Browse page is more PB script painter compatible
(putting a hot key on
Edit / Go To... / Next Marker makes editing functions copied from the
system tree or here easy to populate with parameters)

* PBR Plus report now searches for Add*Picture() function calls for
the graphics in their

* Documentation has been updated.


* Exports of modified datawindows were dropping portions that were
new to PB7 and later
versions (the algorithm is now generic enough to handle any new
portions introduced)

* Exports of modified classes contained errors

* Some command line parameters, like /CURRENT, didn’t work properly
in PP8 and later in some

* Attribute retrieval on menu items and datawindow controls failed to
get the value

* Object indexing adjusted to be case insensitive, to handle objects
manipulated outside of

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