Can Sybase look into creating a reorg that can be used while all database
activity is occurring and for all types of tables that would function as

REORG ONLINE TABLE (When I say table this would be any type of table
allpages and data only)

1) Create a transaction to hold the primary truncation point.
2) Build a copy of the table using only shared level locking on whatever
segment that table exists on applying whatever reorganization
charecteristics that are specified. That is, max rows per page, expected
row size, reserve page gap, etc.
3) Create the indexes on the table created in step 2 applying whatever
space charecteristics that are specified or stored in the catalog.
4) HOLD EXCLUSIVE LOCK on original table. Apply any changes that have
occurred to the table from the transaction log.
5) Change the sysindexes first, root, ioampg, doampg space properties to
point to the new objects that were created.
6) Commit the transaction.

Ryan Putnam