Problem of using External Stored Procedure

1. A function PROC_L was written in C and included to ESPdll.dll
2. A stored procedure PROC_L @i_param_1 int, @i_param_2 int,@i_param_3
int,@v_param_4 varchar(200)
was defined as external name "\Sybase\dll\ESPdll.dll"
3. One call of the PROC_L in a Transact SQL program is working properly,

Q1. Why do I can not define long name of the external stored procedure? It
can't recognize.
Q2. Why do the procedure can not be called one by one many times? The system
answer is: "Can't open a connection to site 'xxx_XP' because 'set up
channel' message was not acknowledged."
Q3. Using a little delay I have the connections, but after some calls (about
200) the server does not answer.

Thanks in advance.

Saulius Kriukelis