Appforge comes now bundled with the Ultralite technology from ianywhere, a
subsidiary of Sybase. The latest Appforge package comes with a trial
version of the MOBILINK SERVER, required to Sync data to/from a
consolidated DB, however i've managed to get the Anywhere Studio 8.0.2 that
fully supports integration with Mobile VB Applications and comes with a
licensed Mobilink server.

So far, i've read the help files and manuals in order to start the
development of mobile apps with true relational DB access for the Palm PDAs
and i've succesfully created a small application that works great, however,
i have 2 big questions, so i hope that any of you can help me out:

1) I've tried EVERYTHING in order to minimize the sync speed between the PC
and the PDA but to upload a customer DB with 5,000 records takes 20 or more
minutes which is totally unacceptable. Now, i don't intend to work with the
5,000 at once but i certainly need them all uploaded. Using PDBs i upload
this info in 3 minutes, using Mobilink i take over 20 mins! i've read FAQs
and the performance tips of the manuals but nothing works.. what can i do
to speed up the upload of data from Mobilink to my PDA?

2) What i thought that would make this Ultralite technology attractive is
the idea to work with complex SQL statements instead of annoying and
tedious "while", "for" or "do" bucles (nested or not) working along with
conditions, however, it seems to me that this cannot be achieved after
reading the whole "Ultralite for Mobile VB" book. The Lookup and Find
methods are only meant to look for data that you specifically want to get
such as:

customer.LookupBegin (or customer.FindBegin)
customer.column("last_name")= "Duval"

<<if customer.EOF = True>> (It found nothing)
<<if customer.EOF = False>> (It found record(s) matching your search

but, let's suppose that i want to retrieve a block of customers whose ages
are > 30 and their marital status = single?

A SQL statement would be something like:

select id, last_name, first_name from customer where age > 30 and
marital_status = 'single'

now, as stated above, how could i achieve this goal with Ultralite for
MobileVB without having to use bucles the way i actually do with regular
and simple PDBs?

Thank you in advance,