try this on for size...

i adjusted for use within our setup and recompiled it.
When I try to run it, i get an ClassNotFoundException

Unexpected exception : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
java.loang.ClassNotFoundException: jdbc.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver
at IsqlApp.main(

Then for giggles, when I debug it, it works! Go figure...

Also, when I put the modified IsqlApp.class file in the
%JDBC_HOME%\classes directory, it also works, this time using only
the interpreter. I simply am baffled.

Has anyone seen this? I'd appreciate some insight...


The snapshot of the dev environment is as follows:

-Windows NT 4.00
-JDK 1.0.2
-Sybase jConnect (TM) for JDBC (TM) 2.1 Development Version

See attached for code.

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