Hi !

I've run in to some problem installing jConnect. If anyone can help me I
would greatly appreciate it.

I run Windows 95.
I have installed JDK ver. 1.1.1 in dir c:\jdk1.1.1
I have copied jConnect.class to c:\jdbc
My Path is c:\windows.... ;c:\jdk1.1.1;c:\jdk1.1.1\bin;
JAVA_HOME is set to c:\jdk1.1.1
JDBC_HOME is set to c:\Program Files\Sybase\Jconnect
CLASSPATH is set to c:\Program

I stand in directory c:\jdbc
and type following command:

java -classpath .;%JAVA_HOME%\lib\classes.zip jConnect

I get following errormessage:
Can't find class jConnect

When I try
java -classpath .:%JAVA_HOME%\lib\classes.zip jConnect

I get following errormessage:
Unable to Initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread

Have I missed something in the instructions or ????