I have installed the win nt jdk 1.0.2 and jConnect for win nt and have
been able to create application/applets without a problem. I'm now in
the process of porting the code to a unix environment. I have installed
the solaris jdk 1.0.2 and jConnect for unix. When I try to compile, on
the unix machine, Isql.java or any of the database connection .java
files I have created, an error message Package jdbc.sql.* not found in
import and subsequent errors are generated.

the environment is set as such:
set java_home=/apps/casesetup/csesdvlp/jdk1.0.2/java
set jdbc_home=/apps/casesetup/csesdvlp/jdk1.0.2/jConnect
set classpath=.:$java_home/lib/classes.zip:$jdbc_home/syb102.zip
I have tried - set classpath=.:$java_home/lib:$jdbc_home/classes
set path=($path /apps/casesetup/csesdvlp/jdk1.0.2/java/bin)

any thoughts, ids, etc would be greatly appreciated.