Hi, Has anyone gotten jConnect to work with the new JDK 1.1 released with the
Microsoft SDK-2.0? (i.e. the one with AFC, 1.1 support, JDBC etc.)

When I try to compile (with jvc) and use IsqlApp (with jview) I get the
usual java.io.IOException that so many others seem to have gotten, when I
specify -U, -P etc. to one of the local sybase databases we have here.

The wierd thing is that when I *don't* specify any command line arguments
I seem to get connected to a sybase database that looks like it is some sort of
sample publishing database.. I certainly don't have this running on my
machine, and the default server specified in IsqlApp, I shouldn't be able
to get to since I am behind a firewall, and I get a "host unreachable" error
when I try to ping the IP address specified in IsqlApp. So I'm mystified
as to which database this MSFT/Sybase combination is connecting me to..

Any ideas? (Please reply to sundar@ascent.com, since I don't know if others
will be interested in this question. I'll summarize if there's interest.)

ps. Oh, I'm trying to use the sybjdbc.zip file directly in my CLASSPATH as
opposed to sybase/classes/.

pps. removing the MSFT jdbc.zip from my CLASSPATH doesn't seem to help. Wierd,