I have jConnect running on our webserver (Irix 6.3) and am trying to
connect to a
Sybase server running on a hpux 10.20. I have written a small applet
that does a
simple select. The applet runs fine locally under appletviewer (running
on the Irix box)
but fails when I attempt to run it through the browser using the
webserver. Here is the

# Security Exception: Couldn't connect to <sgi1.srp.gov> with origin
from <local-classpath-classes>.
# Applet exception: security.Couldn't connect to <sgi1.srp.gov> with
origin from <local-classpath-classes>.
netscape.security.AppletSecurityException: security.Couldn't connect to
<sgi1.srp.gov> with origin from <local-classpath-classes>.

****sgi1.srp.gov is the webserver(****

The applet class is in the jConnect classes directory.
I've got all the ports down OK.
Both servers are inside the firewall.
Why won't it behave? Any help would be appreciated. Below is the
"source" of the problems.
For the most part, it is the Isql example with some modifications.

public void start() {
urlBase = "jdbc:sybase:Tds:";
host = "";
usedb = "mn1ptrk0";
query = "select * from mn1ptrk0..tptrk";
proxy = "";
displayMsg("Trying to connect to: " + url);
timeout = 10;
try {
Properties info = new Properties();
info.put("user", "$%&^");
info.put("password", "@#$%@$#%");
info.put("proxy", proxy);
_con = DriverManager.getConnection(urlBase + host, info);
_stmt = _con.createStatement();

catch (SQLException sqle) {
displayMsg(sqle.toString() + " Restart connection.");
catch (Exception e) {
try {
displayMsg("Going to database: " + usedb);
boolean restype = _stmt.execute("use " + usedb);
if (restype) {
displayMsg("Unexpected results from USE");
catch (SQLException sqle) {
catch (Exception e) {

John Henkel