I am making progress in establishing connection to SYBASE but I have
encountered the following problems:

Windows NT 4.0 (SP3)
JDK 1.1.3
JConnect latest version
We have a firewall but I know little about it at this point

a) When I run java Validate, I receive this message:
Unexpected exception: JZ0I4
This error often indicates that the database you are trying to connect
to is not up. ...
java.sql.SQLException: An IO exception was caught from a lower layer and
re-thrown: java.io.IOException: Connection failed to

I tried pinging this IP from DOS and the request timed out.

b) If I try to load index.html with http://localhost:8000/index.html
the file loads but the HTML tags are not interpreted! The file looks
like I am viewing the document source.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.