I am having problems with loading a dump from a remote server. I have
been able to do this in the past without a problem until recently. The
dump size is ~2.8GB. The drive on the local server that has the data
device starts thrashing around the 1GB mark of the load.

I have checked Performance monitor and once the load fails, the cpu
utilization of a 3 CPU Proliant (the remote server) goes from about 3%
on each CPU to around 75%.

I am running (EBF 6881) on NT4, SP3 on both the local server
and remote server.

As far as I can tell, the dump is good after doing dbcc checkdb,
checktable and checkcatalog and not receiving any errors.

Does anyone have any clues? This is just a refresh for a test server,
but I don't want to be stuck and have a failure loading production if
something happens.


Darin Pope