Has anyone succeeded in getting NT Server 11.03 (EBF 7305) and Open
client 11.1 + Ebf 7398 working on the same machine? I had the server
with the EBF running with open client 11.1, but when I added the EBF for
open client, my server refuses to start with the message:
"Configuration Error: Cannot write out file 'd:\sybase\/prog_7.cfg' due
to system error 'Bad File Descriptor'"

When I back out the EBF (7398) it works fine. The only problem is that
this EBF is supposed to solve some memory problems I have been having.
I need to run both sybase and the client app as a service, so I cannot
figure out how to set up a path with sybase using one set of DLLs and
the client using the other.

Any help is appreciated

Rob Eckert
Sr Systems Analyst
Teleport Communications Group