I am attempting to run Sybase 11 on NT. After a fresh install of NT, I
installed Sybase 11. It ran fine. I installed other components
(browser, utilities, etc.) and everything was fine. However, after I
installed PowerBuilder 5.0, I could not restart Sybase 11. When I try
to start the server using the Services Manager, I get a message saying
Starting Service, then in a few seconds it says Stopping Service. There
are no useful messages generated to the log file or NT event manager.

I tried to create another database in the server, and during the
creation I received a message that it was starting the new database, and
then a few seconds later that it was stopping. So I could not install
the database.

I then uninstalled the entire application. After re-starting NT, I
tried to reinstall. During installtion I go the same messages. It
appears something is corrupted and I believe that PowerBuilder might be
the culprit. Does anyone have any ideas !?!?!?!