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jconnect & open server gateway across network

2 posts in JDBC Connect (product renamed to JConnect) Last posting was on 1997-09-26 13:11:56.0Z
Jon Strande Posted on 1997-09-24 23:02:16.0Z
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From: Jon Strande <>
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Subject: jconnect & open server gateway across network
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I am using the JDBCConnect sample program from PowerJ(Version LA Edition
2) to connect to a database on another machine on my network. I connect
just fine, but when I go to specify a table name and field name, the
status box caomes back with a message that states:

"query.moveNext returns false"

I know that there is data in the *.db, I know that the database is set
up right, I ran sql_anywhere.sql aginst the db.

I am stuck!!!!!!

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!!!

Jon Strande

Eric Giguere Posted on 1997-09-26 13:11:56.0Z
From: "Eric Giguere" <>
Subject: Re: jconnect & open server gateway across network
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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:11:56 -0400
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You should pose your PowerJ question in the powersoft.public.powerj.beta
newsgroup, since it's not clear this is a jConnect issue (probably some
kind of configuration issue with the database applet).