Hello all,

We still have problem regarding the connection via Jconnect to Sybase.

First let me give you the environment information:

1. My environment is:

-> Windows NT workstation 4.0 French language
64 Mb RAM

-> I am using the Sybase SQL anywhere Database shipped with iCat
Suite 3.0 Professional Edition : SQL anywhere : 5.5.01 build # 1333
english version

2. I tried to follow the procedure concerning "making a connection"
page 6 in the Sybase document called "2. Programming Information"

3. My SQL Anywhere database is called: francecontacts.
it is located on the same station. I connect via SQL central to it
without any problems.

4. I added an entry via SQL edit for the gateway called: testserver
the entries in the SQL.ini files are


Question 1 : Are the above variables the right ones
for my environment. ?

the sql.ini file is located in c:\sqlany50\ini directory

First error : When I try to ping using the button in SQL Edit the
following error message says: ping failed time out

5. When I do the following command :
start dbos50 testserver

the Sybase Sql Anywhere Open Server gateray opens but inside an error
message states :


6. I checked the NT resources windows
I still have 23 mb free memory and 22 mb memory pages

Question 2 : After reading Steven Sep 29 message I wonder
if the Open Server components have been properly installed.
All the components have been installed in c:\sqlany50\win32 and
this directory is declared in the path

We received the zip files ok but I would like to know if you would have
some detailed documentation available about the installation of the
Open Server Gateway and the Open Server DLLs ?
If so could you please send us that information ?


olivier Baelde