Hey there, JDBC fans:

I'm trying to do some simple database programming
and am running into a snag which I'm sure has a simple
solution that I'm just not seeing. After successfully
connecting to the database, the following code
snippet gets executed.

try {
boolean success = statement.execute(query);
System.out.println("success came back as " + success);
if (success) {
rs = statement.getResultSet();

The parameter "query" is bound to the
name of an SQL stored procedure ("update_user", though
the name is irrelevant), and the execute method
returns false (whereas it used to return true under the
2.1 trial version) The final few lines of the
update_user procedure are

create procedure update_user .....

update UserTable where ...... // not important
select 1

I'm assuming that a ResultSet of 1 row by one column should
be available as a result of executing this stored procedure
(as it used to be with the 2.1 trial version I'm using.)
When I execute the stored procedure directly in SGL on my
Sybase database, it works as intended.

While the approach of the code may not be the smartest,
the codebase I've inherited is huge so I'd prefer to
find out why this isn't working instead of inventing a

Any ideas?

Jerry Cain