I'm running Sybase SQL Server on Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack
3) and trying to create a new instance on the same server. I've done it
before on the same server with no difficulty, but I'm having all kinds
of difficulty now.

I've set up a separate directory in NT on the server's f: drive to hold
the device files and error logs for the second instance. I use the
Server Configuration tool (sybinit.exe) to create the new server
instance. I specify the master device, sybsystemprocs device, and error
log will be created in this separate directory. I go into network
connections and specify that the new instance should listen on port 5050
(my current instance listens on 5000).

Then I hit Continue, and I get the following error messages:

(1) "D:\SYBASE\data\sybsecur.dat" is a regular file that already exists;
please remove it if you want to use it as a device file.

(2) Attribute 'auditing_device_physical_name' could not be set because
'D:\SYBASE\data\sybsecur.dat' is an invalid value.

(3) Cannot execute configuration because validation of input values

I went back and chose "Save to File" instead of "Continue" and looked at
the resulting resource file. Not only is my auditing database set up in
the wrong directory, so are the error logs for the backup and monitor
servers. I also notice that when I look at the registry, my default
DSLISTEN and DSQUERY values have been changed to the new server name...

I assume that the creation of a new instance from Server Config doesn't
work if you have Sybase auditing installed. No problem, I'll just

I then decided I'd try editing the resource file and using SYBATCH to
execute the configuration change. Yup, can't get SYBATCH to work. Does
nothing whatsoever. I'm using the command line SYBATCH -rresource.res.

Have I missed something here?