I'm attempting to setup a mobile synchronized database using SQLRemote
(SQL Server NT as consolodated DB and SQLAnywhere as the mobile DBs) and
have a couple of questions.

SQL Server Version: SQL Server/ Intel/Windows NT 3.5/EBF
6722/OPT/Thu Oct 24 1996 19:59:07.06

1. All of my tables have DBA as the owner. When I attempt to 'Add Remote
Tables' using Sybase Central, I get a message that says 'Table not
found'. Is there any setting I can change to let SQL Server use these
DBA owned tables for replication?

2. I did create a table with DBO ownership and when I attempt to extract
the database for the remote user, I get an error that says "Attempt to
insert NULL value into column 'column_name', table '#syscolumn'; column
does not allow nulls. Update fails." Can anyone tell me what I'm doing