Hi all,

I have two PB components in the same package, n_compo1 and n_compo2
n_compo2 has a function with the following definition:

public function integer fnv_string_by_ref (ref string as)

n_compo1 calls this function as follows:

IF lts.CreateInstance(lnv2, "thispack/n_compo2") <> 0 THEN
s = Space(100) // including this line or not doesn't affect the result
i = lnv2.fnv_string_by_ref( s)

Now, before returning from the call to n_compo2, the Jaguar server crashes with
a MEM_BAD_POINTER, and an abort statement appears in the server log.
Environment: Jaguar 3.0.1 EBF8691, Solaris 2.6, PB7 build 7021

Tech support say they can't reproduce this and therefore can't help us. Can
anyone else? Any info will be appreciated.