I have a database sql anywhere 6.0.

I have made an internet site with dtc object with powersite. In this
site there are requests to database. After a moment the web server
doesn't work and there is the message : "dynamic memory exhausted".

I have seen a technical document from support sybase :

"ERROR: Dynamic memory exhausted

Code: -78


This error usually results from having cursors and prepare statements in

your application that don't get destroyed right after their use. I
would strongly recommend making sure that
you are not in that kind of a situation. In addition, try starting the
database with the larger cache size say of 4M or so. However, I
believe the main reason you are getting this error
message is due to unclosed or undestroyed cursors or prepare
statements. Whenever, you have these undestroyed cursors or prepare
statements they end up creating temporary file
on your system that grow and grow until all of the memory is used up.
This could what you are experiencing."

But what is the syntax to close or destroy a cursor ?

And is it necessary if i insert a sybase dtc object to close or destroy
the cursor (is it not include in the dtc object ?)

and how increase the cache size from the database (i use sql anywhere 6)


thanks in advance