I have three comp. A, B and C. Each of this comp. have a stuct, as, bs
and cs. Each comp and stuct is deployed to three different packages: PA,
PB and PC.

A method in comp A, addA, takes three arguments: as,bs and cs.
Comp. A calls a method in comp B, addB, which takes arg: bs and a method
in comp C, addC, which takes arg: cs.

To be able to do so I had to generate stubs for comp B and C. before I
could compile comp A. So far so good.

Now I deploy comp. A to EAS 3.0 and look at the method addA. It looks
like this:

If I deploy comp A to EAS 3.5 the method addA looks like this:

Why has this changed? It's not a big problem and I've managed to handle
this quite well from my API to my comp. in EAS, ie my API javaBeans

In runtime I get this error message: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: PA/A:
method: addA(LA/as;LB/bs;LC/cs);S not found
Why is the'L' prepended the package name?

I've tried to change the interface declaration in EAS and regenerate the
stubs but I still get the same errormessage.

Any Ideas?

Darko Guberina, ConNova Systems