Anybody got any idea??? Isn't Oracle 8.1.5 supported??

Darko Guberina, ConNova Systems


I have the same problem as you guys. I'm running oracle 8i also and I
noticed that the ConnCache lib it empty.
Jaguar also complains about:
Mar 09 00:04:07 2000: AFLIB Message: 18011/11/0: DLL lookup for
'af_dll_lookup()' failed, OS Message: 'xa80.dll'
even though that file exists in my path.

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"Chris J. Frattinger" wrote:

> I just had the same thing happen to me this morning.
> I uninstalled the Oracle 8.0.5 client and installed the Oracle 8i
client and
> can't seem to establish a db connection cache via the OCI.dll client.
> getting the same error. I noticed that my Repository\ConnCache folder
> empty, however the caches are visible in the Jag Manager(must be
> somewhere else). I know the Oracle client gets a bad wrap, but this
> really bad. I verified my path and everything looks fine. I'm
wondering if
> I will have to uninstall Jaguar 3.5 and reinstall. For now, I'm using
> ODBC connection option and it has been advised to try the JDBC with
> Oracle Thin Client. Give ODBC or JDBC a try.
> Chris
> Paul Ellis <> wrote in message
> news:LZlPraHi$
> > I upgraded from the 3.0.1 version of EAS to 3.5. That in itself was
> small
> > nightmare. Now I mostly have it running except that I can no longer
> the
> > Connection Cache working. I am trying to connect to Oracle 7.3. I
> > deleted and recreated the cache many times. I have uninstalled and
> > installed Jaguar 3.5 many times. I am SURE I have all parameters
set up
> > correctly and I am pretty sure my PATH and CLASSPATH are correct.
> time
> > I try to ping the error message is "The ping operation did not
> > successfully. Could not find the specified connection cache". I
have a
> > case open with Sybase. So far they say they can't test it because
> > don't have Oracle 7 available. This used to work with EAS 3.0.1.
> > anyone had a conn cache working with 3.5 going to Oracle 7.3? I am
on NT4
> > service pack 5. Anybody have any ideas what could be wrong?
> >
> >