I get the following warning when trying to upgrade from Jaguar 3.0 to
3.0.1: "Jaguar CTS 3.0 already installed on this machine. .....select
the same install location as the previous Jaguar CTS 3.0, or uninstall
Jaguar CTS 3.0 first and install Jaguar 3.0.1 again."

The install detects my previous installation and its correct location.
Whenver I select the same location it repeats the above message. The
current location is "Q:\sybase\Jaguar CTS 3.0" and not the default
location. I have read on this list that there can be problems if the
default location has not been used. If thats true is there a
work-a-round so that I don't have to uninstall and then reinstall. If I
try to install in a new directory such as "Q:\sybase\Jaguar CTS 3.0.1" I
get the same message. I can get by this message if I try to install in
"Q:\sybase" but I want to install over the existing version.

Any thoughts on a work-a-round?