I have noticed a problem with sql adaptive anywhere 6.0

I have severals dynamic internet sites with database.
There is one database for each site.

site 1. Database A
site 2. Database B
site 3 ...

I have configured all the site with sybase central. I use IIS like
web server and powerdynamo. I use powersite for the html page.
I use sql adaptive anywhere 6.0 for the database.

If I go on the site 1 with database A, no problem.
If I go on the site 2 with database B, no problem.

But if I go on the site 1 with database A and at the same time
I go on the site 2 and I do a select on the database B, the server
crashes and there is the error :
"dynamic memory exhausted"

I have seen that it was a problem with cursor but I have no cursor.

Is it possible to create or/and to access to several databases
adaptative anywhere
on the same server ?

thanks in advance