Jag 3.01, build 30033
PB 7.01, build 7021

When deploying PB components to an existing package, IDL generation
fails if the component contains proxies (not prepended with Jaguar
package names) to other components, and those proxies are for interfaces
defined in the same IDL module. As a workaround, I've been saving the
IDL into a temporary file, deleting the module, deploying the PB
component, then copying the 'good' IDL back. It's necessary to do this
since there are other interfaces defined in the 'good' IDL that PB
doesn't have proxies for -- hence, PB can't possibly recreate the IDL
for the other interfaces when deploying. Furthermore, the method names
in the PB-deployed IDL have to be renamed to conform to the good IDL

I know that I *could* use a completely separate package for the PB
components, but I'd rather keep related components in the same package.

Has anyone else encountered this minor annoyance? If so, have you come
up with an easier method of dealing with it?