Is there anyone who could take some time and check out what I have done
to create
an HTML web datawindow off an existing datawindow created with a stored

I have followed many different docs, none of which specific to our case,
guessing where not documented has not proved helpful/useful yet.

PB: Opened stored proc datawindow in PB and specified/checked html
datawindow, also specified 10 rows per page, IE browser and gave object

PS: New HTML datawindow, defined object source, giving pibble, absolute
path, chose datawindow, specified connection, then in retrieval args
changed all values to actual args that work(retrieves) when tested in
PB. Then in the page parameter section passed all args to the right
side, finally the appserver is specified as the correct one.
Generated script looks like this:
jagConn = new PSJaguarConnection("Appsdldev99:9000", "jagadmin", "",
"DataWindow/HTMLGenerator", false);
dwSource = new PSDataWindowSourceClass("promowiz_dump.pbl",
dbConn = new

dwMine = new PSDataWindowClass(null, false, jagConn, dwSource, dbConn);

dwMine.RetrievalArgs[0] = psDocument.GetParam("01/01/00");
dwMine.RetrievalArgs[1] = psDocument.GetParam("03/15/00");
dwMine.RetrievalArgs[2] = psDocument.GetParam("null");
dwMine.RetrievalArgs[3] = psDocument.GetParam("281");
dwMine.Generate("01/01/00", "03/15/00", "null","281", );

When called from browser, the latest message is this:
An error has occurred parsing "/rev_summ_test.htm".
Line: 65
Column: 1
Invalid expression on line 74, column 57

Seems to refer to this line: dwMine.RetrievalArgs[3] =

All the error messages in previous message thread actually brought back
the dw but Retrieve Error was -1.

Hard to diagnose using this medium but do appreciate all attempts.
Lauren Ablondi