Hi all,
My project is currently in the stage of moving our NT jag 3.5 EJBs to a
common SFS2 beta2 solaris installation.

The server is running java 1.2.
The clients are running powerj (running in jdk1.1 design mode as 1.2
design mode causes all ejb deploys to fail with a reg var error).

Our current issues include:

i) is there a way to move class files (other then the ejb classes) to
the server with jag manager ? - they only seem to be found if they are
in the html/classes folder, even though jag manager says java/classes is
in the server's classpath..

ii) our entity beans fail to deploy with the message ClassNotFound:
"java.lang.String" (yes we used fully qualified references to the
primary key java.lang.String)

iii) powerj cannot import the components and add it to the component bar
as the import fails with "Stub Compile Failed" (no other error) - for
session or entity ejbs

Thanks for the support you guys continue to provide,
Hugh Madden

Adaptive Technology
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Ph: + 61 2 9954 6822
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