I can't seem to get the DynamicTargetCell class to work for me in Jaguar
3.0 - maybe I'm using it incorrectly. Here is what I'm doing:

I have an EJB class defined as
public class sysObjectImpl extends java.lang.Object implements

Within this class, I have a String object called version. I also have the
following defined:
private powersoft.powerj.db.DynamicTargetCell dt_version = new
powersoft.powerj.db.DynamicTargetCell(this, "version", "String");

Inside a method which is called by Dynamo script when the object is first
instantiated, I have the following code:
if( !query_sysRelease.open() )
System.err.println("Unable to execute retrieve of sysRelease");
return false;
dt_version.setDataColumns( "VERSION" );
dt_version.setDataSource( query_sysRelease );

It was my understanding that all of this would bind the "version" property
of this object to the "VERSION" column of my query object, then calling the
moveFirst would populate the property, and after that my "get" and "set"
methods for "version" would also change the database column. Trouble is,
that doesn't seem to be happening. The version property remains in its
initialized state and changing it has no effect on the database. Any ideas
what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Jamie Crutchley