We've been doing alot of development work with PowerSite, Dynamo, and Jaguar
and are now trying to set up for a production environment. Before, everyone
pretty much had superuser access to everything. Now, we are wanting
specific users ONLY to have access to certain things. The problem I'm
running into is this:
In order to add a PowerDynamo mapping, you have to have a defined Connection
Profile in Sybase Central. This requires entering the username/password
combination of the administrator of the database which is hosting the
website. This makes it possible for anyone to sit down at the server, pop
up Sybase Central, open up the website and start adding/modifying/deleting
away! I've tried making a new Connection Profile using a different
username/password that has "read-only" access to the database and use that
for the mapping, but trying to connect with a different username/password
brings up the prompt to create a new website. Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance.

Jamie Crutchley