I'm trying to create a PB component with a generic proxy to other PB
components. I'm passing in the "package/component" and the actual proxy to
the component I want to talk to is compiled into this component (include
unreferenced objects). Since the proxy object is inherited from
CORBAObject, here is what I'm trying to do:

Component "xyz"
Method: retrieveex: has args (string as_pkg_comp, string args)
CORBAObject lnv_proxy
Integer li_result
TransactionServer serverContext

this.GetContextService("TransactionServer", serverContext)

li_result=serverContext.CreateInstance(lnv_proxy, as_pkg_comp)
/* li_result is equal to 0 in debug and the as_pkg_comp matches the
component to be called*/

li_result = inv_proxy.Dynamic retrieveex(as_args)

Return li_return


srv log:
Error: Dynamic function not found. Possible causes include:
pass by value/reference mismatch at line 14 in function retrieveex of object

I have verified that the component being called dynamically does have the
function retrieveex. It appears to me that you cannot setup generic proxies
like I'm trying to do. Can anyone help?