Hi, there

I installed EAServer 3.5 on NT server 4.0 (SP 5), and it worked fine. Then I
installed Informix ODBC driver/INFORMIX-CLI2.5(32bit) and Redbrick ODBC driver
(32 bit) on it, which created a lot of problems for EAServer. In the begining,
Jaguar could start as NT service. Then I installed newer ODBC driver from
Microsoft, which brings back Jaguar working. But the behavior is different,
e.g. all sample programs (SurfSide Vidoe) don't work, HTML DataWindow DTC
doesn't exit in PowerSite, and get a lot of Dr. Watson's errors etc.

I've tried to uninstall EAServer, and reinstalled it. But it seems the problems
are still there. We do need Informix and Redbrick ODBC to connect to different
databases. How do we put all those things together working.

Please help. Thanks!

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