Does Jaguar perform a conversion between Unicode and the codepage that you
set in Server / General properties (ie. Cp1250)?
Here's the problem:

1.) if I run Jaguar with JDK1.1 and call a method (written in Java) that
returns a ResultSet and then display it in PowerBuilder DW I can see the
Cp1250 special characters.
if I run the same example under JDK1.2 I don't.

2.) if I call a method (written in Java) that returns "\u010c \u0160 \u017d"
and call that method in PowerBuilder you don't get any Cp1250 special chars
(that Unicode characters are È©® or 0200,0138,0142). It doesn't mather if
you run Jaguar under JDK1.1 or JDK1.2.