I have an ActiveX component installed in Jaguar 3.5. It works 100% when only
one instance of it is created. But when the second instance is created I get
the following excepiton at the client applet:

at java/lang/Class.newInstance
at com/sybase/CORBA/iiop/Connection.invoke
at CEBusSocketClient/_st_ICEBusSocketClientXCtl.Connect
at IAppletCEBusDWClient.connect
at IAppletCEBusDWClient.cb_connect_actionPerformed
at IAppletCEBusDWClient.actionPerformed
at java/awt/Button.processActionEvent
at java/awt/Button.processEvent
at java/awt/Component.dispatchEventImpl
at java/awt/Component.dispatchEvent
at java/awt/EventDispatchThread.run

After that the Jaguar becomes unstable and I have to restart it.
What is this "java/lang/Class.newInstance" ?
My component is double threaded component using a socket, can that cause

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