<Taking off the TeamSybase hat for a while>

I'm not sure if this is PD or IIS actually locking up, but if I have a
long-running query that either times out or is cancelled by the user, the
IIS task on the server (inetinfo) will ramp up to 100% CPU usage, stop
responding and stay that way until I end the task. I'm using ODBC to get to
a number of different databases from one web site, so I have a lot of
variance in the response times for different queries. Some of them just
time out. Also, I might accidentally enter a page that is dynamically
generated and click the stop button immediately. Either of the operations
presents an expected message to the client, either "The page failed to
display" or "User cancelled" (or something similar). Either way, once this
happens, the server locks up.

Is this a problem with the PD dll or something in IIS?
I have "PD GA", but I noticed this behavior in earlier releases.
I'm running IIS on NT workstation 4.0 build 1381 sp5 so it shows as Personal
Web Server.



Michael F. Nicewarner