Our C++ component is, of course, housed in a DLL. The documentation says
that this should reside in cpplib.
When we put it in /cpplib it is not found at Refresh and we get
OBJECT_NOT_EXISTS in CORBA. Export and Import of package works fine.
If we put it in /dll it is found at Refresh and CORBA is happy. Export fails
as the DLL is not found in cpplib.
Our work-around is to put it in both /cpplib and /dll with ..\dll\XXX.dll in
com.sybase.jaguar.component.files. We feel this is a bit akward and not as
We find no references to /dll or /cpplib in any .props-file and
serverstart.bat puts both directories in PATH. What to do?

Jonas Olsson
Software Development Engineer
Cambio Healthcare Systems