I have an ActiveX component that I installed wthout problems in Jaguar 3.0.1
and used there. But when I try to install it in Jaguar 3.5, Jaguar refuses
to install it:
0. I register the activeX successfully with regsvr32.exe
1. I select "Install Componet" from a popup menu at the selected package.
2. In the dialog that appear, I select "Import from ActiveX type Library".
3. I specify the correct filename for the ActiveX (ICEBusSocketClientX.DLL)
and press the "Finish" button.
4. I get a dialog that says "The Import Succeded". I press "OK"
5. The property dialog for the component appears saying it is of
"JAVA-CORBA" type.
6. I change the type to COM/ActiveX and press "OK".
7. A "Failed to save" dialog appears saying:
"Failed to define method"

The GetLastError is defined in C++ as:
WHRESULT ICEBusSocketClientX::GetLastError(WBStr *pRetError);

What is the problem with Jaguar 3.5 in this case?


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