I'm having problems creating the java object of a PB UO deployed in Jaguar.
I have no problem creating the HTML Datawindow or any of the sample
application components, just the one I created.

This is the error I get, followed by the steps I took to deploy the UO:

ERROR: Creating Jaguar componentException thrown:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: JagAppPK/n_jagappsHelper in method
loadClass of class DynamoClassLoader. Unable to find class:
JagAppPK/n_jagappsHelperUnable to narrow the component to the required
interface: "JagAppPK/n_jagappsHelper".

What I did:

1- I created a PB UO and deployed it to my jaguar server as JagAppPK
It shows installed under the jaguar server.
2- Generated the stubs.
3- Compiled the stubs into classes.
4- Copy the stubs to jaguar server directory.

Directory of D:\WebApps\Classes\JagAppPK

03/22/00 01:51p <DIR> .
03/22/00 01:51p <DIR> ..
03/07/00 08:37a 324 n_jagapps.class
03/07/00 08:37a 1,018 n_jagappsHelper.class
03/07/00 08:37a 390 n_jagappsHolder.class
03/07/00 08:37a 1,903 _st_n_jagapps.class

5- Changed the Classpath env. var in my jaguar server to:

Bq@;C:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\classes.zip;C:\Program
:\Program Files\Sybase\Jaguar CTS 3.0\html\classes;.

6- Rebooted server

This is my dynascript that fails:

var jagError;

var jagConn = java.CreateComponent( "JagAppPK/n_jagapps",
"iiop://myserver:9000", "jagadmin", "","JagAppPK/n_jagapps");
if (jagConn == null)
jagError = site.GetErrorInfo ();
HTDW_DocWrite ("ERROR: Creating Jaguar component" + jagError +


Thank you for looking into this.