Larry -

Based upon technical discussions from various IAD and ESD personnel, the
current configuration of this application has been adjusted accordingly. As
we speak, here is the current lay of the land:

1. NT Server 4.0 w.SP5
2. Jaguar CTS 3.0.1 w/current EBF's applied.
3. PowerDynamo 3.0.1
4. PowerSite version (UNKN - I'm sending this from the house!)
5. IIS 4.0
6. ASE 11.9.2 which is used as our central data repository
7. ASA 6.0.2 which serves as our application/page server.

As I mentioned, we had no connection issues when we were running the backend
under ASA. It has only been since the migration that we have experienced
the connection problems.

Given the fact that we are to deploy with the Phase I instance of this
application, if there is something I'm missing in this exchange that might
make it easier for you to understand, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know.

As far as the 'dynamic' page server, my first question is why should we
configure the site with this option? Either I've missed the boat on this
issue - and PLEASE let me know - or in order to execute the various
functions of this web application - we are using all of the EA Studio
components - something is just not cooperating here.

Any input, insight, guidance that you can provide will mean - once again -
that I owe you one!


Brad McLeod