Lately, I embedded a simple, pre-made Infomaker report (psr file) in a Word
document using "Insert / Object... / Create from File / test.psr + option
Link to File". So far, no problem, the object is embedded as required. When
I double click on the object, Infomaker is launched and I can modify the
report. So far, no problem. But, when I quit Infomaker and go back to Word,
I cannot edit my Word document anymore. And the document is not printed out
properly as well. I tested it on a desktop 486 / 66Mhz / 32MB RAM which
should be enough performant for a job like this, I thought. The Infomaker
version is 5.0.02.

Any idea ? Is there a solution or a workaround for that ?

Thanks in advance,

Amaury Vermeire