Hi all,

The 5.0.03 release is due very soon and has many fixes for Infomaker.

To review the latest known bugs and fixes for Infomaker in 5.0.03, use
the on-line technical bulletin infobase or download our full technical
bulletin infobase "techbull.nfo" << 5MB from our ftp site. It's the
same Infobase used internally - is not filtered - and is updated daily.


You need Folio Views to see this database (BViews.exe). Most Powersoft
products have Folio Views in the box.

Terry Dykstra has been a dedicated and consistent voice on the Infomaker
forum on Compuserve and we are glad to have him moderating this group.

Infomaker, though technically marketed as an end-user tool, sometimes
brings Powerbuilder developers to their knees when it comes to
discussing the form painter. Infomaker has a lot of magic going on
under the covers and brings the power of datawindow technology to the
masses in a codeless development environment.

A true developer can master any tool and those folks who have chosen to
use Infomaker for development are a hearty group.

Thank you for using Infomaker.

Stephen Dupre
Powersoft Corporation