Hope this is okay to post here ...

I am attempting to create numerous reports, all with a certain style. I
need my data to be retrieved, printed across the page horizontally, and
then wrap to the next line, continuing until all the data is retrieved.
I realize that databases are deep not wide, and I've experimented with
the N-Up style of report, but that hasn't worked. I'm sure it's user
error, however, while reports of other syles (i.e. tabular) retrieve the
data and place them in a report, the number of rows being dynamic each
time you run the report, I'm not getting that same dynamic sizing with
the N-Up style of report. Very quickly, I am looking up a sample number
in one table, and then looking at that sample number in a 2nd table and
retrieving anywhere from 1 to 50 pieces of information (all in their own
rows unfortunately) pertaining to that sample number. I want the report
to list the sample number on the far left, then these other 1-50 pieces
of info horizontally across the page:
Sampleno xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx, etc etc

I want it to be dynamic at the time the report is run. It is impossible
for me to know how many "spaces" to allot for this retrieved info.. It's
always going to change.

Is this function within InfoMaker's capabilities. I am using InfoMaker
ver 4.0 with Microsoft SQL Server ver 6.0.

Thanks in advance!!!